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Superbill or charge sheets

Superbill or charge sheet contains the service details, physician details etc.,

It contains

*Facility Name (Location Name)
*Facility Address (Location Address)
*Facility Phone number (Location phone number)
*DOS (Date of Service)
*Attending physician Name
*Referring physician Name
*CPT (Current procedural Terminology)
*Dx (Diagnosis)
*Patient Copay details

*Mode of payment


ChargePad is a mobile charge capture application developed for Anesthesiologists. The application was developed to allow physicians to capture the Anesthesia Charge Record via a Windows Mobile phone or PDA and submit later electronically for billing.

• ChargePad produces the charges that interface with patient demographic information captured by your facility.

• ChargePad captures the same information currently documented on your anesthesia charge ticket.

• ChargePad installs directly onto your PDA-Phone so charges are synchronized following each patient.

• ChargePad allows charges to be held as pending for follow-up at a later time.

• ChargePad captures “Start and Stop Times” of patient cases with the click of a button for accurate time capture, eliminating the compliance risk of rounding case times.

• ChargePad easily handles case hand-offs.

• ChargePad provides drop-down lists as guides through procedure selection, providing all the same information found on a paper charge-sheet/super-bill.

• ChargePad delivers completed charges for more accurate billing.

• ChargePad reporting provides confidence that all charges are being captured and billed.

• ChargePad captures case charges immediately; decreasing delays in claims submissions and days in A/R, ultimately increasing your profitability.

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