Friday, 11 October 2013

Healthcare Training Conferences - Ensure Compliant Documentation through HIPAA Training To Survive HIPAA Audits

A number of trials have been conducted in a year for HIPAA Compliance Audit program and these audits were also a trial for the entities where they were conducted. Now plans are being made to revive this new HIPAA audit program in Fiscal Year 2014, after the US Department of Health and Human Services has evaluated it.

The set of rules used for the 2012 HIPAA audits by the HHS contractors have been published by USDHHS, making it easier to understand the exact way to prepare for the audits and implement HIPAA Compliance training. Audits are applicable for any health care covered entity as they need to understand the adequate information that they are required to provide and ways to avoid compliance related issues resulting in penalty.

The HIPAA new rule conducts audits irrespective of a complaint or breach, but earlier audits were done only at organizations were any violation of rules and regulations have been detected or some complain has been filed against any organization. Now things will change as HHSOCR can conduct audits any time and within 15 days your organization will need to come up with a response. But to make your task easier and overcoming a HIPAA audit steadily will be convenient if you have a basic knowledge of all the questions that have been asked at all the previous HIPAA audits.

The HIPAA new rule implies high fines that consists of mandatory minimum fines of $10,000 for neglecting compliance related issues knowingly. As a result, one needs to be ready for the audit since officials have announced that their priority now is to enforce the new rule.

The HIPAA new rule is not at all easy to use and has several deficiencies due to the changes in various rules that became enforceable September 23, 2013. So in order to stay compliant one needs to ensure that all the methods are explored to use the HIPAA Audit Protocol to its fullest and to design one’s own compliance plan by staying updated with the contents and linking the compliance activities to all the probable questions that will be asked.

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