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Medical Billing and Coding Program

Have you been looking for a Medical Billing and Coding School?

Medical billing and coding offers a variety of opportunities for individuals who are filled with curiosity and welcome the challenge of finding correct answers to tough questions. So if you’re analytical and self-motivated, you should investigate a future in medical billing and coding.
When you earn your Certificate or Associate degree in Medical Billing and Coding, you can develop the specialized skills needed to maintain accurate and organized medical documentation. This includes patient records that track data about medical history, symptoms, X-ray and laboratory tests, medications and treatments.
The Medical Billing program at Carrington College and Carrington College California is focused on helping you to develop the specialized skills, knowledge and discipline that can prepare you for an entry-level position in this growing field. Our dynamic curriculum provides:

  • A combination of theory and practical training
  • The opportunity to build your skills and gain real-world experience through an externship
  • Additional curriculum in general education, communication and management for students enrolled in our Associate of Science degree program

The numbers are on your side

New opportunities are continually increasing for medical billing and coding specialists with the proper education and skills. From jobs such as facility coding, tumor registry and insurance contracts, to specialty certifications such as interventional radiology, anesthesia and practice management, this is a diverse and growing profession. Looking forward, employment of medical records and health information technicians is expected to increase by 21% through 2020. Employment growth will result from the increase in the number of medical tests, treatments and procedures that will be performed.*

A logical method designed to help you reach your goals

You can receive a balanced blend of instruction designed to help you build your knowledge and sharpen your skills as you advance from semester to semester throughout our Medical Billing and Coding program. Your time on campus will be divided evenly between classroom sessions and lab training. During this time you can learn how to use medical billing software to prepare insurance claims forms; acquire a working knowledge of human anatomy and medical terminology; and learn to accurately interpret medical records and document information for submission to insurance companies. You will also study the legal, ethical and regulatory standards that govern medical records management. The final phase of your education will be spent off campus performing a 180-hour externship.
When you graduate from our Medical Billing program, you should be prepared to put your knowledge, critical thinking and specialized skills to use in a healthcare facility:
  • Performing procedural and diagnosis coding for submission to insurance companies
  • Accurately interpreting medical records, including diagnosis and procedures performed by healthcare providers
  • Communicating clearly with physicians, patients, and other professionals
  • Demonstrating proficiency in information management
  • Staying informed about coding rules, federal and state regulations, and insurance contracts
SOURCE FROM : http://carrington.edu/degrees/medical-billing-and-coding/

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