Friday, 4 October 2013

Medical Billing and Coding Training - Understand what to do beyond ASC Coding and Billing For Maximum Reimbursement

Learn some basic tricks to make reimbursement quick and easy and ensure you don’t leave money on the table or face denials. Follow these recommendations from industry experts to improve profits for ambulatory surgery center.

  • It is advisable to be on good terms with commercial payers. Investing in good relations over the years will ensure easy reimbursements even during difficult years. Being familiar makes your interactions and negotiations easy, honest and friendly.
  • When any claim gets denied, one needs to be aggressive about it and question for reasons about its denial. According to experts, electronic claim rejection reports must be reviewed daily for ASC coding and billing error and help understand the reason for claim rejection as this leads to loss in revenue.

Also when a report is reviewed, it helps to understand if the reason for denial was due to in-house or clearinghouse or trading partner. Likewise, billing managers can train staff to improve the coding and billing process and lessen chances of in-house errors. One can also discuss errors with clearing house or trading partner to make them aware of possible reasons for denial of claims.

  • It is essential to follow a standard process for hiring. All the qualities required for the position must be revised from time to time to pick the right candidate. Also, a centre will incur less charges to retain an employee than hire a new one. Cross training is also essential to enable staff for multi-tasking thereby saving costs.
  • Even the most insignificant costs must be taken into consideration and added up. Often surgery center officials ignore this fact but these in the long run add up to massive amounts. Tracking small expenses can also help to save dollars.
  • One must always cater to what the surgeon requires. To keep your ambulatory surgery center profitable your surgeons must be content so that they will make an effort to bring in more cases to your facility.

Stay updated with all the latest coding and billing changes with online medical coding training conferences only on AudioEducator, where you can choose a wide range of conferences on ASC coding and billing and hospital healthcare management to stay compliant.

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