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Medical Coders and Health Information Management Languages

What is HIM?

HIM stands for Health Information and Medical Records Management. Contrary to what many believe, HIM professionals are not medical transcriptionists, rather they are experts in the field of patient health information and medical records.

What is Database Management?

Databases consist of files, records, fields, columns, and characters. Managing, storing, retrieving, and protecting databases falls well within the HIM department personnel scope of practice. To accomplish this task they usually utilize a Database Management System (DBMS). DBMS lets them create, store, modify, sort, and retrieve the data.

HIM/Technical English Research Paper: Language and Culture of Medical Coders

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from: CarolE on Yesterday at 03:04:32 PM

I am a HIM student at Davenport University. I presently am taking a Technical English class and have to write a research paper about the language and culture of Medical Coders. I would appreciate anyone from the Health Information profession to answer some or all of these questions and return them to me. The questions are listed below. I will need your name as I have to have this information APA cited. Thank you.

Carol Ewing
Davenport University HIM Student

Research Questions For Medical Coders:

1. What would you say is the most important aspect of working in the coding area of the Health Information Department?

2. Do you think that the other areas of the department understand a coders job really includes?

3. What are the top five areas you would suggest so a non medical person could understand the coder's language and culture in a Health Information Department?

4. What types of coding do you have to complete: inpatient, outpatient, laboratory, emergency , etc. or everything?

5. How many coders are there within your health information department?

6. What is the most important advise you would say to a future medical coder?

7. For other health information department employees:

8. What do you think the coder's job includes?

9. Were you ever a medical coder?

10. If no, would you be able to complete medical coding if your employee requires it?

11. If yes, why did you decide to move out of the coding area?

12. Which area did you move into?

13. Do you have much communication with the medical coders in a normal work day?

14. How are some words that you would use to describe the language of a coder?

15. How is the language that coders used different from those in other areas of the HIM department?

16. What are some words that you would use to describe the culture of a coder?

17. How is the culture of the coders difference from those in other areas of the HIM department?

18. List some examples:

19. Name some of the different type of areas within the HIM department?

20. What is the job description for a medical coder?

21. What type of education requirement do the coders in your place of employment have?

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